Cover Mongolia CEO comments on national identity to LA Times

 July 28th, 2015      170

Genghis Khan reigns anew as Mongolia replaces Communist-era statues

by Julie Makinen

July 28 (Los Angeles Times) The advertisements in the magazine of Mongolia's national airline signal much about what's happening these days in this sparsely populated, resource-rich country of 3 million sandwiched between Russia and China.


"The lack of national identity is one of our biggest problems," said Munkhdul Badral Bontoi, chief executive of Cover Mongolia, a business consultancy in Ulan Bator. "In the 13th century we had Genghis Khan, and we're searching for the same level of unity now — a common goal. We sort of had that in Communist times: Everyone grew up with propaganda about creating a prosperous country together. That experiment failed, but we did have something to collectively rally around."


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